Tracy Mitrano

Self-described “internet policy expert” Tracy Mitrano is hazy on the First Amendment and the concept of Fair Use.

“When Tracy Mitrano filed to become a candidate for public office, she stepped into the public arena,” said Nicholas Weinstein, Campaign Manager for Tom Reed for Congress. “Mitrano is wasting her time attempting to snuff out criticism of her Extreme Ithaca Liberal agenda.”

Tracy Mitrano sent a notice to Tom Reed’s campaign to stop using the above image, which appears on and is clearly covered by Fair Use. Fair Use protects the use of copyrighted materials for the purpose of parody, commentary and criticism.

“Tom Reed has a proven record of defending the Bill of Rights and our campaign will continue to vigorously defend the right to free speech,” Weinstein added. “While Tracy Mitrano wants to restrict our constitutional rights, Tom Reed’s record of protecting them is clear.”

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Tracy Mitrano

Endorsed by Ithaca mayor Svante Myrick