The Second Amendment is a critically important issue for our Extreme Ithaca Liberal opponents. They have all advocated for an agenda that would restrict the Second Amendment rights of law abiding Americans.

Max Della Pia has tried to establish himself as an anti-gun candidate who can breakthrough with pro-gun voters. But with the carefree, smooth way he talks about the guns he owns, it’s not going well.

Liz Benjamin: “Are you a gun owner?”
Max Della Pia: “I do have a gun but it’s not, like, heavy”
Liz Benjamin: “A rifle?”
Max Della Pia: “It’s not a rifle. But I have had rifles in the past.”

Right… There’s probably a reason the transcript on Della Pia’s campaign website doesn’t match the audio.

And it isn’t just his questionable answer about owning a gun that raises questions.

After Tom Reed voted for H.R. 38 The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, legislation that would ensure law abiding Americans with valid Concealed Carry Permits are able to carry across the United States, he said:

Max Della Pia: “I too am against it, but Tom Reed is not, he’s never met a gun bill he doesn’t like.”

And yet, before he began running for Congress as an Extreme Ithaca Liberal his Facebook page tells a different story. There he liked posts from pages like Conservative Daily, Comical Conservative, and Patriot Nation including the following:

Photos liked by Max Della Pia, Patriot Nation: “Why do you need to carry a gun if you aren’t expecting to be attacked? I’m not really expecting a fire, but I still have a fire extinguisher. Like = agree.”

Washington Post: “Trump plan calls for nationwide concealed carry and an end to gun bans”

“It is unclear what Extreme Ithaca Liberal Max Della Pia actually believes about our Second Amendment rights,” said Nicholas Weinstein, Campaign Manager for Tom Reed for Congress. “His Facebook page tells a very different story from what he has been saying on the campaign trail. If he is successful on Tuesday, we look forward to holding him accountable for these flip-flops.”

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Mitrano Campaign “Corning Co-Captain” Admits on Camera to Stealing Extreme Ithaca Liberal Yard Signs

For several weeks Tom Reed’s campaign has been placing Extreme Ithaca Liberal yard signs throughout the 23rd Congressional District to highlight their opponents’ extreme positions on the issues. Unfortunately the signs, paid for by Tom Reed for Congress, have been disappearing.

On Tuesday, June 12, Tom Reed’s campaign was tipped off that six Extreme Ithaca Liberal yard signs, placed adjacent to other political yard signs, were stolen from a public right of way and moved to a residence in Corning.

Tom Reed for Congress traveled to the residence and confronted the owner, a staffer for Tracy Mitrano’s campaign for Congress. After initially denying that they had stolen the signs, Tracy Mitrano’s “Corning Co-Captain” and his wife, a volunteer for the campaign, eventually admitted on camera to stealing the six Extreme Ithaca Liberal yard signs during an exchange with Tom Reed’s campaign manager.

“It is shocking to know that a Tracy Mitrano campaign employee was engaged in theft of political yard signs,” said Nicholas Weinstein, Campaign Manager for Tom Reed for Congress. “Apparently when you’re running on a platform that is completely out of touch with the district you want to represent – socialized government-run medicine, higher taxes, and heroin injection sites in our backyards – you start to get desperate.”

Stealing political yard signs suppresses the right to free speech. It can also be trespassing, larceny, and vandalism – all crimes punishable with jail time and fines.

Weinstein added, “Regardless of your political views, trespassing, stealing, and vandalism are wrong and against the law. Tom Reed cares about addressing the issues that matter to the people he represents and will continue to fight for the families who have chosen to make the Southern Tier, Finger Lakes and Western New York their home.”

This latest incident comes after reports from other candidates that their yard signs have also been disappearing, while the Mitrano campaign was already reportedly caught not filing the financial disclosure required by the House of Representatives, and threatening illegitimate legal action against Tom Reed’s campaign regarding the protected, legitimate use of an image of Tracy Mitrano in campaign advertising.

See Tracy Mitrano campaign staffer admitting on camera to stealing Extreme Ithaca Liberal yard signs.

Extreme Ithaca Liberal Linda Andrei deleted this post from Facebook… Wonder why?